Sintered Porous Round Discs For Separation And Filtration

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Separation Sintered Porous Disc


Pure Titanium Powder Sintered Porous Filter


Metallic Powder Sintered Disc Filter

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Sintered porous round discs for separation and filtration


Product Introduction


Metal powder sintered porous material is made of metal or alloy powder by forming and sintering at high temperature and with a rigid structure.


Feature: The metallic powder sintered porous material contains a large number of connected or semi-connected pores, the pore structure is composed of regular and irregular powder particles, the size and distribution of pores and the size of porosity can be adjusted according to the powder particle size combination and preparation process to meet the actual needs of customers.


Advantage: Compared with the traditional filtration materials such as paper, cotton, PP, PE, PES, PTFE, etc., the metal powder sintered porous materials have good permeability, pore size and pore control, stable shape, high filtration accuracy, wear resistance, good mechanical properties, good heat conduction, heat resistance and heat dissipation, and can be repeatedly washed and used for many times.


Specification of titanium sintered porous materials


Production Diameter/Length Diameter/Width Thickness Customized


Sintered porous round discs

Max Dia φ500mm Max Dia φ500mm 0.5-30mm  Yes


Sintered porous sheets

Max 800mm Max Width 320mm 0.5-30mm Yes


Sintered porous tubes

Single Max Length 1200mm

Max Diaφ200mm




Features of titanium sintered porous materials:


Material FilterRating Porosity Penetrability Working pressure Operating temperature Shape specific surface area
Pure Titanium powder 0.5um-80um 25-45% 3-800M³/M²hKPa 2.5MPa 300℃ Round disc,sheet,tube,round bar,cap 10-40cm²/cm³


Sintered Porous Round Discs For Separation And Filtration 0


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